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Whiteline Vehicle Kits

Introducing the new Whiteline Vehicle Kit program that consists of a targeted vehicle range of sway bar kits (front and rear) plus a range of bundled essential bushing and alignment products that deliver more grip, better handling and outright performance.

Whiteline Sway bar Kits
Boasting not only front and rear adjustable sway bars, the kit comes complete with front and rear high performance sway bar links that ensure easier installation, optimum bar rate and performance from the uprated sway bars.

Whiteline Essential Kits
By matching key bushing, alignment and geometry products into one solution, Whiteline Essential Kits provide bang for your buck handling upgrades that simply Activate More Grip.

Are you limited by budget yet want the most ‘Grip for Your Buck’?
Our new range of WHITELINE ESSENTIALS KITS delivers on value, with just a few key items, you can transform your daily mode of transportation into a sharp and responsive weapon around the city or suburban corners without compromising ride quality.

Lowered your car? Running performance springs & dampers and want to take your suspension and handling to the next step?
Our new range of WHITELINE ESSENTIALS KITS takes your car to the next level when it comes to turn in, stability and performance through the bends. Combine this with a performance set of tires for outright handling performance.

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